Recent Production news


This is a short promotional film, via The Bionic Group, who put together a contract bid for Carillion one of the UK's leading construction contractors and facilities management providers. This film explains the benefits of a new computer app that will revolutionise the way that FM is done in the future. This film helped Carillion to win a multi million pound facilities management contract with Nationwide Bank.

Kieran Conlon advised Carillion about how to make the best use of video within the contract bid, and once our proposal was approved, Kieran scripted, directed and edited the film. It features genuine employees of Carillion and the Nationwide Bank describing common daily challenges that the uFM app would render much more managable. The video can be seen in the video gallery page of this website.


War Child was the biggest music charity since Live Aid. It raised millions of pounds to support children and families in conflict zones across the world. David Wilson, the co-founder has just published his memoir 'Left Field' in conjunction with Unbound Publishing and Penguin Books. This is a wonderful account of the life of a man who has dedicated himself to the causes of peace and social justice, and been very active in using the power of art and music to restore societies after warfare. A very inspiring read. 


David Wilson commissioned Realta Films to produce a series of fims to publicise the launch of the book. The main item is a book trailer. This is a short films that attempts to capture the whole idea and appeal of the book in a very short film. Quite a challenge given the huge range of content of this book. David trusted Kieran Conlon to read the book and contemplate how best to meet this challenge. The result is a short and engaging film that steps through the major themes and events of this extraordinary life and times. The trailer has been highly praised within the publising industry and the news media. You can see it on the video gallery page. 



​Imogen Heap's management company approached Reata Films in 2008 to help them produce the feature length documenatry about Imogen Heap's third solo album 'Ellipse'. The album went on to win Imogen a Grammy award, and this film tells the story of her life and creative journey to complete this highly acclaimed album. The film is called 'Everything in Between - The Story of Ellipse". 

Kieran provided technical and workflow advice to help manage the huge quantity of raw material that would have to be reduced to 90 minutes. Kieran then worked as lead editor with director Justine Pearsall to tell an entertaining, intimate and very insightful story of an incredible artist, at the peak of her powers. The film was originally released in 2009. The ICA brought it back in 2016 to be the openening film of its celebration of rock and pop documentary making - the Doc 'n' Roll Film Festival.  Some of the sequences and interviews in the film were also shot by Kieran.