over 25 years of film production experience

David Wilson, author, Left Field & co-founder of War Child

“Realta created some wonderful films to promote my memoir

'Left Field'.  Kieran took the time to understand the full scope and complexity of its content, and was able to condense this into a series of very focused and enticing films."


"These films have brought just the kind of interest we hoped for, and many compliments from high places in the publishing industry and news media. I highly recommend Realta and Kieran as a producer of outstanding video content."

Rebecca Ledgard, Director of Education, Ex Cathedra Choir

"Kieran weaves a story that can be powerful and thought provoking. He captured who we are and what we do brilliantly. "

"We have reaped the benefits of these wonderful films.

Our work has got talked about more than ever before."

Jeffrey Skidmore OBE

Artistic Director, Ex Cathedra

Steve Mullins, author, Fade to Black.

“Kieran's interpretation of my novel 'Fade to Black' is flawless, which is no mean feat given that the book has three distinct formats and a shadow story to the main narrative."


"The look and feel of the trailer is a perfect match with the texture of the novel and I now can't separate the two. It's highly cultured contemporary Noir, which is exactly what I was looking for.”


Dominic Alldis, Conductor, Founder of Music and Management

"Kieran brings a masterful touch to the art of documentary making. To find someone so adept at scripting, directing, editing and producing was a revelation."


"I cannot imagine a better creative partner to convey what we do through the medium of film."


"I was impressed with Kieran’s insights into how to engage our audience through documentary. He portrayed the characters sympathetically and their stories were touching and inspiring. Kieran is very dedicated, and very professional, and he’s easy to work with. He also understands the client’s requirements and ensures that the film achieves its intended goal. He really did go the extra mile to make this a very special film and an enjoyable experience."

Azmina Govindji, Nutritionist & Broadcaster

"Kieran's professionalism and expertise enabled us to transform loose, aspirational ideas into

a quality educational product, one that has been extremely well received across the organisation."   Briony Sloper, Service Manager, Kings College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

"Working with Realta has been a very positive experience for us. Their dedication and creativity have enabled us to reach our audience with a film that is informative, engaging and accessible. We are delighted with the outcome."  Mahmood Poonja, Aga Khan Health Board

"Realta delivers great results.  I've worked with Kieran a number of times, and recommend him wholeheartedly.  He plans each project wisely, knows how to create an engaging narrative, and delivers a well edited story."  Elise Valmorbida, word-design

"Realta's understanding of the work of High/Scope, together with their organisational and inter-personal skills, have made our first venture into video one that we can't wait to repeat."  Serena Johnson, Director, High/Scope UK

"Working with Realta has been an immensely satisfying experience. Their professionalism and attention to every detail has been very impressive. The final product is just what we wanted."  Lakhvir Rellon, Service Manager, Northern Birmingham Mental Health Trust

"Realta helped us to create an entertaining drama with a clear, persuasive health promotion message. I was impressed by their creative and professional approach to a very demanding brief. They have delivered an excellent programme, on time and to budget." 

Rajesh Kalhan, Director, Confederation of Indian Organisations

"Not only were we pleased with the end result, we were also moved by its ability to touch people. We certainly feel we have had value for money, coupled with a very high quality product."   Tower Hamlets Healthcare NHS Trust.